Miami Oct 16- 18

Ft. Lauderdale Oct 16- 18

Manhattan Oct 19- 24

Orlando Oct 25- Nov 1

St. Petersberg Oct 25- Nov 1

Manhattan Nov 1- 11

St. Petersberg. Nov 12- 25

Orlando Nov 12- 25

Miami beach Nov 26- Dec 16

**I am not limited by a current schedule. Inquire FMTY ✈️ and you shall receive..

Ideally, weigh in on where I go next✨ Please keep in mind I do not tour.

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*I do not tour. Instead, I simply enjoy visiting a select few cities (most likely Miami/Orlando area ONLY) when I am called, then make the most of my time while there. Please do not inquire on when will I come to your city. The answer will be Fly.Me.To.You. FMTY✈️ is your best bet if you are interested in meeting.