Grace Note: enticing intro.

1,800 roses/ 1 hr.

2,300 roses/ 90 min.

Prelude: to explore a true connection.

(Preferred minimum for new clients)

2,600 roses/ 2 hrs.

Tango: a tasty morsel of pleasure

3,000 roses/ 3 hrs.

Special Occasion: shared outing could be a drink, dinner, plus one dating, birthday celebration, etc. followed by private time

4,000 roses up to 4 hrs.

5,000 roses up to 6 hrs.

6,500 roses up to 10 hrs.

Nocturne: a sensual evening together; followed by a luxurious morning. Includes beauty sleep, activities, and plenty of cuddles.

7,500 roses/ up to 12 hrs.

9,500 roses/ up to 16 hrs.

(My personal favorite)

Rhapsody: a day you’ll remember for a lifetime

10,500 roses/ 24 hrs.

Symphony: the sweetest escape

20,000 roses/ 48 hrs.

+5,000 roses additional day

Sojourn: a journey to paradise

**The Real Girlfriend Experience**

(exclusively for you)

40,000 roses/ 1 week VIP

125,000 roses/ 1 month VIP

Couples +1000 to any session

(2 hour minimum )

Same day booking +200 to base rate

[You can prevent this fee by bringing cash in a sealed envelope]

In-date Extension +1500 hourly

Rates does not include travel accommodations.

Available to travel via Uber X black, private chauffeur, or fly first/ business class travels only.


Disclaimer** Donations are strictly for my time only. Anything else that transpires during our meet is a matter or continuous consenting choice between adults of legal age and is not be construed as a contractual obligation.

Donations are pointedly skewed to encourage longer engagements.

Min. 2 hours is strongly suggested for the first meet.

Are you craving Mona yet?

I am passport ready and more than elated to come to your city✨ or meet you halfway. For extended travel bookings consider the..

FMTY (Fly Me To You✈️) option.

  • Rates varies on the details of the booking so please send me an email regarding what you have in mind. 💌 DateMonaAmara@gmail.com

  • First/ business class ticket and other travel accommodations should be made in advance, as well as a 50% deposit.

  • East coast bookings requires a

    4-hour minimum, plus business/ first class travel fare and all expenses

  • Midwest requires a

    6-hour minimum, plus business/ first class travel fare and all expenses

  • West Coast bookings requires a

    12-hour minimum, plus business/ first class travel fare and all expenses

  • International travels requires a

    24- hour minimum plus business/ first class travel fare and all expenses

  • Jet setting option requires 50% deposit, flight & room accommodation.

**Please note: I always book my own airfare/ travel plans for safety reasons. I will be transparent during the ticket booking process & appreciate your understanding.

**I do not tour. Instead, I simply enjoy visiting a select few cities when I am called, and then make the most of my time while there. Please do not inquire on when will I come to your city. FMTY will be your best bet if you are interested in meeting.

Looking to Jet Set?