Hygiene is very important to me and directly impacts the quality of our time together. I will always be freshly showered, smelling sweet and fresh breath; I expect no less in return.

I always have mouthwash and breath mints available, so feel free to ask for them if necessary. Similarly, if anything of my person isn’t up to par please feel free to let me know in a kind manner and I will instantly attend to it (highly unusual circumstance).

If I am the host - please leave all your contributions and gifts at the very beginning of our date in plain view. If kept in an envelope please do not seal it. If you are the host - I prefer it to be left on the bathroom counter.

Refrain from talking about the payment if not required. Talking about the payment, when not necessary, at anytime during our time together can result in the immediate end of your visit. The only time we should even discuss the donation is if you would like to extend our time together.

Please review the list below on what to remember prior & during our meeting✨

You may find my verified reviews on the links below:

Private Delights- MonaAmara

P411- ID #P411009 "TheTwinTowers"



In order to see me everyone must be screened and verified. This is to be expected when trying to see any high class provider, so if you are new to this, then please understand that this is the status quo. Please email 2 forms of screening to:

Be prepared to show me your ID if I request it. If you are not comfortable with showing me your ID then I am not the girl for you.


Gift card option: If you prefer to be discreet about electronic payment as a deposit, you may purchase a vanilla visa gift card from your nearest CVS pharmacy/ Walgreens in the amount of 400. Proceed to take a clear picture of front & back of the card (make sure it's out of the packaging) and send it to me for verification. A photo of receipt must also be presented. Gift Card option is only limited to a 1 hour booking.


Personal privacy is very important to me, and that same importance is translated to you. I assure a high level of discretion. I will never share your private information with other people. For your discretion I will never call you without prior arrangements, nor will I be loud at your outcall location. I will never arrive wearing risque attire (any outfits will be brought and changed into in private). If I should ever see you in public after we meet I will not acknowledge you nor approach you in any manner, and I expect the same courtesy from you.

If you decide, for whatever reason, to cancel the appointment you have made then please provide as much advanced notice as possible. While I understand that things come up, last minute capricious cancellations are not acceptable.

Cancellations made without at least 24 hour notice will be charged 50% of the fee for the scheduled time.

If notice is less than 4 hours 75% of the fee for the scheduled time will be charged.

A no call/no show to a scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of the fee for the scheduled time. Such cancellations of our scheduled engagement may also result in all future engagements requiring a non-refundable 50% deposit at best, or in my no longer accepting you as a client at worst. A 24 hour notice of cancellation is more than reasonable.

Once again, I stress, I understand that certain things do come up but also ask that you do your utmost to notify me when these things occur.


If you would like a reference I would be happy to act as one, just please ask me in advance. Only can refer you up to two times.


Language & Respect✨

Please be a gentleman and afford me the same respect I do to you; do not use explicit language when we are together. Do not talk about sex or any illicit or illegal activities. Doing so will instantly cause our time together to come to an end with no refund.

I reserve the right to cancel any appointments or appointment requests for any personal reason. I always have the right to end or cancel a session. I always have the right to decline a session request. I never expect a donation in situations where I must cancel a date. I issue partial refunds when I deem it appropriate.

When on tour outfit requests are limited or not possible as I travel light. if you wish to see me in something specific feel free to bring it to the meet. Do you have anything specific in mind but I don’t own it? No problem. Go to my wishlist, click “Suggest Gift”, add the link of the desired product, click “submit”. I’ll add the item to my wishlist and you can purchase it. On average, delivery takes about a week. Suitable for advanced bookings only.

Outfit Request