Luxury Caribbean Companion

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Sweet chivalry decadent,

Allow me to take you on an adventure, free you of the confines of a rigidly scheduled life to relish in that thing we all miss & chase in our lives: absolute carefree fun. Our saga begins when you first lay eyes on me. I'm a vision to behold, better than you ever imagined. Dressed to the nines, manicured, primped, and polished. (I did mention my lack of modesty, didn't I?) The butterflies in your belly are fluttering about as we continue to get to know each other over a cocktail (okay let's get real, a couple) accompanied by an exquisite meal. It is not long before you are thoroughly charmed by my intellect, sultry brown- eyed gazed, and coy smile. That's how it all begins, but where it goes from there is entirely up to us.

The people I keep around in my life are truly amazing and I hope to add you to that list. With me you 'll find an intriguing blend of a classic lady with traditional ideals but with an unconventional flare. Whether we have just an hour, or a long-term arrangement our time together will be nothing short of amazing! I love to be wooed by a gentleman that loves to impress, pamper, and court his dream date. I make no apologies about living a very charmed and lavish lifestyle that I have grown to expect. Rest assured that I live up to being the "earthy" type equally as I am, down to earth. Though I hold myself in the highest esteem, I make no room for arrogance and aim to make you feel at ease, relaxed, and make you laugh until you cry. I could go on, but I prefer to leave the rest to mystery. The ball is in your court now and you can send it right back to me by filling out my booking form.

With Love,

Mona Amara



  • Age: 24

  • Dress size: 2

  • Lingerie: XS/Small

  • Shoe size: 10 US/ 41 EU

  • Measurements: 32B~24~26

  • Weight: 134 lbs. (57 kg.)

  • Height: 5'10"ft/ 177cm

  • (short torso; legs for days!)

  • Hair Color: Silky black

  • Ethnicity: Bahamian~Nigerian

  • Based in New York City

  • 100% Natural (No enhancements)

  • Tattoos: None

  • Piercings: Earlobes only

  • Languages: English/ Spanish (Learning French)

  • Education: BA Supply Chain Management (continuing education)

  • Born in Freeport, Bahamas, raised Muslim

  • Personality: Excellent conversationalist, warm & charming in disposition yet cultured and unbiased. A perpetual learner that admires adventure, all things universal- nature, animals, and philanthropy

  • Drinks: Water, Fruit Smoothies, French75

  • Food: Italian/French food

  • Flowers: Sunflowers & Roses

  • Color: Emerald Green/ Amber Yellow/ Gold✨

  • Animals: Birds (Owl/Peacock)

  • Celebrity: Rihanna, Muhammad Ali

  • Musicians: Kem, Barry White, Rihanna, Sade, Kings of Leon, Jimi Hendrix, Summer Walker, Celine Dion, Surface, Guns N' Roses, Nat King Cole, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Anita Baker, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nina Simone, Daniel Ceasar, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon.

  • Books: "The Undefeated Mind" by Alex Lickerman (I've read this 4x!!) Nonfiction~ philosophy, self- developement, business savvy

  • Likes: Positivity, Helping others, Smiling, Spa days, Reading, Donating, Documentaries, Traveling, Investing, Shopping, Fine Dining, Gym/Fitness, Theaters & Shows, Live Music, Meeting New People

  • Dislikes:Rudeness, Vulgar language, Bad Hygiene, Excessive Correspondence